She was built in 1866 by Harris at Rowhedge, he was known for fast gaffer designs and Maria is no exception! 

She is an exciting smack to sail. 

Traditionally rigged and engineless - she will give you an insight as to how these beautiful working boats were in their heyday. 


When you step onboard, you will feel just how special these smacks are. They are like no other classic - they have their very own story to tell. 

You can also be part of Maria's story. Whether you sail onboard with your family, friends or colleagues - we will ensure you have a day to remember. 


You can experience so many unique days onboard - not just sailing! Because Maria is the ONLY working boat left to still practice the art of stowboating... and she dredges... and trawls!

So much to offer, so many experiences to try - only time is the issue!

Maria is available to charter for up to 8 guests only. Skipper & crew will be on hand to guide you in the right direction - but its your day - however you choose to spend it.