She was built in 1897 at Cook's Yard in Maldon as a hay stack barge - very little has changed onboard apart from the view! 

She still has an 'open hold' from when she used to carry up to 120 tons of cargo. 

Dawn is uniquely elegant in many ways - the fact she is the last remaining fully sized tiller steered Thames Sailing Barge to exist and also completely engineless - makes her super special too. 

Powered by tide and wind alone. 


We love going the extra mile to ensure you have memories to last a lifetime, and come back to make many more. 

If you have any questions, we are on hand to help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dawn's season starts on the 1st July and will end on the 31st October. 

When you book Dawn with us, you charter the whole barge, which means you and 11 others, get to enjoy a day onboard her however you see fit whatever the occasion.

The skipper & crew are there to ensure you and the boat are safe so you can either get involved hoisting sails and steering Dawn to the nearest beach for a quick dip in the sea before lunch... or sit back and relax whilst spending time with your guests onboard. 

It's your day - your charter - we are just here to help you achieve the perfect day and maybe add a bit of sparkle too...


A huge thanks goes to the most incredible photographer who has captured these beautiful images of Dawn and allowed us to use them - thank you so much Seamus Masters.